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Responsive Web Design

With nearly 60% of web browsing in the USA and 17% globally being done on mobile devices, there has never been a higher need for responsive web design. Within 5 years it is estimated that 75% of the internet traffic in the USA will come from mobile devices.

Every day the number of devices that need to work with your website grows. Responsive design makes sure your site works on all of them.

To see it in action, make sure you are viewing this site on a desktop browser and make the browser thinner and wider by dragging to the left and right. Now hit the refresh button and you should see the layout change to more comfortably fit the new width of the browser.

About Me

My name is Kevin Ray. I am currently a senior at the Art Institute of Portland working on a Bachelor's Degree in Web Development and Interactive Media. I love both front end and back end development. I have personally worked with hundreds of individuals, small businesses, startups and even corporations.

I design all of my sites mobile first and make sure they are fully responsive no matter what device the user is viewing your page on. I am equally skilled at designing corporate websites as well as animated and fun websites. I understand what it takes to run a business, so rest assured that I'll make the website development process an easy one for you.

On top of web development I am also a mobile app developer designing universal mobile apps (UMA's) in angular. I am a graphic designer, motion graphic designer, photographer, videographer, traveler and most recently have been diving into the future of artificial intelligence.



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InDesign Magazine Spread Cont.
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Package Design
Nike Phone App Concept
Nike Phone App Concept
Nike Phone App Concept
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Nike Watch App Concept
Nike Watch App Concept
Nike Watch App Concept

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